HubSpot Sequences: A Profound B2B Lead Generation Tool

Posted by Bill Colbert on Jun 24, 2022 11:16:28 PM

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Lead generation is one of the most important parts of any B2B sales strategy. Reaching out to contacts on social media can be helpful, but there is a lot of work wrapped up in finding good leads.

Good B2B marketing tools have to create returns, but also save your marketing team time. HubSpot Sequences could be one of the best B2B lead generation tools in the market today.

Let’s see why HubSpot Sequences are so powerful…

What Are HubSpot Sequences?

Hubspot Sequences are part of the Hubspot Sales Engagement Platform. These tools help your team drive sales engagement with a suite of tools for sales representatives.

Your reps will be able to execute automated or semi-automated sales activities with ease, saving time and money.

Although sequences can be used by many different types of sales team members including BDRs, SDRs, Sales Representatives, and Account Managers, the use of the sequence features will depend on who is using them.

Hubspot Sequences enable you to create a series of sales steps. Then, the sequence enrolls contacts into the program, which executes the sales plan with the intent of meeting the potential client at the end of the sequence.

For example, your company can set up an email sequence and enroll the contact in the system. The prospects will receive each email on specified days with no additional actions required from the sales representative.

In addition, Hubspot Sequences can also generate a Task to connect on Linkedin then create a Call record, and email the prospect.

There are nearly limitless ways that these sequences can be leveraged to help sales representatives stay in touch with customers and to increase their B2B lead generation.

How to Enroll Leads with HubSpot Sequences?

The lead enrollment process starts by registering your leads in HubSpot. You can use this platform to keep in touch with your leads and prospects, while you move them through the sequence.

Here is how it works:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Contracts > Lists.
  • In the list table, select the list you want.
  • Right-click on a contact and select “open link in new tab”, you can repeat 5-7 times in batches. However, don’t reach out to more than 50 people per day.  
  • View each contact, one by one.
  • Within the contact view, select the contact view, and select “Email” at the top left. Then, an email icon window should pop up in the bottom right of your screen. This entire process needs to be done on a desktop/laptop computer.
  • To select the specific sequence you want, within the contact view, select “Email” at the top left. Then, you would see an email icon window pop up. Next, you navigate to Sequences at the top of the email window and select the sequence you want to use.         
  • Lastly, preview the sequence, confirm all dynamic text has been filled in, then start it and await responses and inbound meetings.

How to Increase Your B2B Lead Generation with HubSpot Sequences?

To increase your B2B generation, HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is also an all-in-one solution for you.

The HubSpot Marketing Hub offers many tools with the Starter plan.

Here are some of the tools you can use:

  • landing pages
  • ad management
  • live chat
  • conversation bots
  • website forms
  • contact management
  • lead segmentation
  • email marketing analytics
  • email marketing platform with templates
  • follow-up email forms

Adopting the HubSpot Marketing Hub could be the right way for your business to evolve, and start making connections the easy way. For example, inbound marketing tools can make innovative B2B companies incredibly successful at lead generation and lead conversion.

After creating a blueprint for planning sustainable growth, you would need to prioritize your search engine optimization (SEO).

Not only do you have an excellent solution for SEO that helps build your website’s search authority to outrank your competition online, but the Marketing Hub SEO tools also help you plan out your content strategy and optimize all of them.

To aid in the outreach and connection process with leads, HubSpot developed a 5-touch HubSpot sequence.

The sequence contains 4 emails and one prompt for the contact owner to connect with the prospect via LinkedIn, thereby completing the 5-touch sequence, which would take 32 days to complete.

Non-responsive prospects will then receive a bi-monthly e-newsletter email with blog article content geared towards bringing them to the website where they can read the article and learn more about what OneFItStop has to offer.

Closing Thoughts

Without the right marketing tools, B2B lead generation is an expensive gamble.

In the past, if you wanted to reach out over Linkedin, call, and send multiple emails, you would need to think of a way to track all the interactions manually.

HubSpot Sequences are a huge leap forward. Sequences not only track all the interactions for you but also help execute tasks at high volumes.

As a result, a company using Sequences is executing outreach at 10 to 100X the efficiency of companies that don’t.

In other words, HubSpot Sequences give your company a huge advantage over competitors that don’t use automated lead generation tools! If you are looking for a professional HubSpot agency in Chicago then TreeTop Growth Strategy can help you get started with your HubSpot sequences from today.



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