B2B Facebook Marketing: How to Create Leads While Building Your Brand

Posted by Bill Colbert on Apr 26, 2017 3:09:46 PM

Generating leads for your sales team, increasing organic search traffic and building brand awareness should be as easy as taking a Sunday stroll with Ty Webb.

It can be hard to build a brand when you're concentrated on generating more leads to make the sales team happy.

However, if you're a B2B company who wants to do b2b facebook marketing, the two definitely don't have to be mutually exclusive.

You can create an amazing brand your customer's know and love while generating leads at the same time.

What's more, you can even do it with a single ad unit.

Don't believe me? I'll show you how. In this article, I'll review how to optimize ad campaigns to generate leads, build brand awareness and deliver value early in the purchase funnel.

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Facebook Marketing: How to Use Pixels to Convert More B2B Prospects

Posted by Bill Colbert on Mar 2, 2017 8:14:15 AM

Facebook is a powerful (the most powerful?) advertising platform with over a billion daily active users. A billion daily active users. Roughly 1/6th of the world's population. It's also a fantastic platform for B2B marketers who need to generate leads.

But we often meet people who say their leads never make it from marketing qualified (MQL) to sales qualified SQL. Why? It could be a number of factors. But if your MQLs are coming from a single initial form submission, free trial, content offer or otherwise, email marketing alone isn't going to cut it. Just think of where you could be and what you could be doing when you're on Facebook and see an ad. You may get a conversion, but what if the new prospect is on a first date and was just killing time waiting for the other person to get out of the bathroom? Chances are they've forgotten about your awesome eBook before it even arrives in your inbox. 

Here we outline a few simple Facebook marketing pixel remarketing tactics you can use to warm up your leads after their initial entry into your system.

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Facebook Advertising Tips: How to Beat 99% of the Competition (We Did)

Posted by Bill Colbert on Feb 20, 2017 7:33:47 PM

"Your ad is performing better than 99% of ads like yours." 

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Content Marketing Ideas for Fitness: How to Use Facebook Live to Drive Leads

Posted by Bill Colbert on Jan 24, 2017 8:28:04 PM

There's no shortage of content marketing ideas out in the universe. So many in fact, that focusing on one can cause a paralysis by analysis of sorts unless you have a process to get started.

The commercial fitness equipment industry has an especially wide range of content marketing opportunities. Not only can you create content that's of value for the equipment buyer, but you can also use content to create interest and add value for the end-user. The later can even work to influence the former.

Facebook Live gives the impression that people have to be on live. That's a bit of a misnomer because there is a lot you can do with your newly-created video content. 

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Facebook Advertising Examples: 4 Images Styles for B2B and SaaS Companies 

Posted by Bill Colbert on Sep 19, 2016 3:34:06 PM

You're all ready to start advertising on Facebook. You've selected the type of ads you want to run. You've thought of a good headline. But you just...need...to...figure out...a great image. There's so many options but, how do I know what works for me? The truth is, you won't. Or, more specifically, you won't know the best option until you test several variations. There are some great, helpful studies to be found about what types of images get the most engagement, but when you're advertising on Facebook, you're going to want to test, test and test again. Not to worry though. I've managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in Facebook advertising spend and have found success with a number of different types of ads. I'm going share with you some Facebook advertising examples that you can take and use to help your SaaS cost per acquisition go as low as possible.  


Facebook advertising examples: The straight-into-the-camera single-human image.

This image has worked well for me for two reasons: 1) The girl is pretty far zoomed-in-on. You can clearly see her face. 2) the red and blue colors are eye catching. They contrast nicely with the muted, clear background of the studio setting. When advertising on Facebook, color contrast can have a drastic impact. Tip: What you can do in Photoshop to make the color pop even more is to add an adjustment layer to increase the vibrance, hue, saturation, or sometimes all three.

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