Components of an Effective Testimonial Video

Posted by Bill Colbert on Jul 23, 2018 10:51:23 AM

A testimonial video is the perfect way to share your customers’ stories with the world. Testimonial videos give your prospects a glimpse into the honest opinion of someone like them and what they think of your business. If you think you’ve done a great job with a particular client, you may ask them to leave you a review on a site like Google or TripAdvisor. These kinds of testimonials are great for snippets of praise and are best used on shorter term projects. If you’ve been working with a client on a big project for several weeks or months, a testimonial video can provide a larger picture from start to finish.

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Is UberPOOL Driving Uber's Brand Off The Deep End?

Posted by Bill Colbert on Mar 14, 2016 3:57:00 PM

A private driver, on demand. They showed up in like, 2 minutes. They were friendly and took you right to where you needed to go. Ahhh...the good old days. Life sure was better way back in... 2015.

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How Plane Makes It Easy to Strike Up Casual Conversations with New People Around the Globe

Posted by Bill Colbert on Mar 6, 2016 4:02:00 AM

"You're an introvert?! No Way!"

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Why RedShelf Would Make a Great SaaS Acquisition for LinkedIn

Posted by Bill Colbert on Feb 27, 2016 5:54:00 PM

When I was in school, buying books, not to mention carrying them around campus, was...a painful experience. Worse yet, there were classes where you'd buy the book, but the instructor wouldn't make it a priority to use. In some classes, books were outdated and served as reference points. Or doorstops.

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Why Subscription Revenue is The Sleeping Giant of the Uber Pricing Model

Posted by Bill Colbert on Jan 1, 2016 2:00:00 AM


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