HubSpot Marketing Onboarding: What You Need To Set Up To Maximize Your HubSpot Marketing Investment

Posted by Bill Colbert on Jun 2, 2022 9:46:24 AM

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Investing in HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise can practically revolutionize your marketing (and business). You now have a tremendous capacity to optimize your marketing efforts and integrate them with your sales team's objectives.

But this is only the beginning of your journey.

Check out what setup you need to maximize your HubSpot Marketing investment. Keep reading to learn more about this. 

What Is The Marketing Hub Onboarding In HubSpot?

Marketing Hub Onboarding is intended for first-time users of the Marketing Hub software. You will learn how to utilize your information in HubSpot, develop digitalization, nurture processes, and find out best practices around lead generation and qualification — all tailored to your business goals.

Steps To Get The Most Out Of Your HubSpot Marketing Investment 

HubSpot is exceptionally user-friendly. Many of the features are intuitive, allowing experienced marketers to create and send emails in seconds. However, there are numerous features to master.

Here are a few tried-and-true steps that enable you to extract as much as possible from the tool.

1. Learn As Much As You Can About HubSpot

HubSpot does an excellent job of providing customers with the information they require to comprehend the platform's functionality.

The certifications offered by the platform cover both software mastery and sales and marketing concepts, such as lead generation. Certification of your marketing staff is one way to ensure that they maximize your investment. Here is a subset of the Certifications:

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Growth-Driven Design

2. Encourage Collaboration Between Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support

Identify the HubSpot HBE functionality and the departments to which leads and customers get transferred. HubSpot encompasses these three departments. Meaning each supports the work of the other two.

3. Create A Strategy 

Your marketing strategy cannot be created by even the best marketing automation tool. This is because no one knows the needs of your business better than you. 

HubSpot Enterprise contains hundreds of valuable tools. Without a comprehensive strategy to guide the selection of lead-generation tools for your business, you might fail. It is also essential to use these tools to fuel the needs of a comprehensive inbound strategy that details how, what, where, and when things need to be done to get visitors to flow to your website and down the sales funnel. 

If you want further guidance on building a powerful inbound strategy, get in touch with HubSpot or book a call with the inbound experts at Treetop Growth Strategy. 

4. Conduct Frequent Portal Audits

The HubSpot portal gathers data on previous campaigns, forms, contacts, workflows, etc. Spend time periodically archiving old campaigns, removing inactive forms, etc. It is easier to locate items in a neat and organized portal.

5. Have A Team Member Oversee It Constantly

The term marketing automation is somewhat misleading. Remember that automation happens on your end. Creating automation requires countless hours of diligent manual labor.

Based on the extent of your marketing efforts, an employee may be able to utilize HubSpot effectively for your company. More tremendous marketing efforts necessitate capable workers. 

Without the right personnel to use it, your HubSpot is an expensive waste of money.

Benefits Of HubSpot Onboarding

Check out some benefits of leveraging HubSpot partners, such as the Treetop Growth Strategy:

  • A Flexible Onboarding Process: These agencies conduct a pre-onboarding audit of your marketing and sales processes before joining HubSpot. After analyzing every aspect of your current process and future scope, these organizations propose a flexible plan for your evolving business requirements
  • A Team Of Experts At Your Disposal: Before they can become HubSpot Partners, these marketing companies must pass multiple HubSpot Certifications. And when you hire an Inbound Marketing Agency such as Treetop Growth Strategy, you gain access to their specific HubSpot expertise
  • Result Oriented Processes Guaranteed: With HubSpot Partners, the company you work with is more likely to follow an organized process and a defined path. Each step is clearly defined, so you know what to expect in the next phase. The activities can be reviewed, and the right queries can be emphasized at the right time. The whole picture is visible in one view
  • Leverage Experts' Skills: Partnering with HubSpot means that you work with a company that is 100% dedicated to your customers, delivering expertise in marketing, CRM, support, web design, and CRMs. The company has built a solid reputation for providing the highest customer service to its clients



HubSpot Has been the go-to tool for marketers worldwide for years now. With its help, you can leverage expert industry experience in raising sales and give you the maximum conversions. 

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