Which Online Business Courses Should You Be Taking In 2022?

Posted by Bill Colbert on Oct 21, 2022 9:09:34 PM

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Understanding the foundations of running a business is the first step to becoming a successful manager, CEO, CFO, and entrepreneur. 

The good news is that many business literacy programs are designed to help you do that. Online business courses are a great way to learn new concepts and improve existing skills.

This way, you can learn about almost any aspect of running and starting a business via your laptop or mobile phone. 

Why You Should Take Online Business Courses

Communication and interpersonal abilities are highly sought-after qualities among candidates. These soft skills help employees and employers run business operations smoothly, allowing them to drive profits. However, a successful business requires a lot more. 

If you want to launch a start-up, become a freelancer, or take your business to greater heights, there are some things you need to learn about running a business.

For example, you need a good understanding of the processes and concepts that propel your business so you can find people with relevant talents and hire them. At the same time, it’s important to ensure they do their jobs properly, so you might need to learn how to manage people and processes.

Online learning can help you learn the skills you need to succeed in the real world. 

Moreover, unlike traditional education, online business courses in Australia allow you to study at your own pace and whenever you want to. They are also a lot more cost-effective than the alternative.

So, it’s no surprise that online learning offers stellar value because it is often more up-to-date than university curriculums and offers more relevant learning materials. This makes it perfect for busy entrepreneurs and managers who appreciate the flexibility of learning at their own pace in a fast-evolving business environment. 

2022s Top Online Business Courses – Our Recommendations

A quick Google search can show you thousands of online business courses in Australia alone. That’s why knowing exactly what you want to learn and what kind of value you want to derive from online education is important. 

We’ve curated this list of the most value-packed online courses you can find online. Take your pick.   

  1. The Art of Negotiation by Chris Voss- Masterclass

Chriss Voss is a former FBI hostage negotiator who has worked with multiple interlocutors during his career. Now, he has started an online class with brilliant negotiation secrets that all businesspersons need to excel. 

The Art of Negotiation is a wonderful business course for people who want to dominate the business industry and surpass all competition. Voss teaches his audience several negotiation techniques focusing on intrinsic elements needed to get a good bargain.

Voss believes that negotiation skills fall on the must-have skills needed to make significant life decisions. His course is for individuals who want to learn how to negotiate to expand their talent pool, get customers on board, convince investors to invest in their business, or those looking to get a higher salary.

  1. An Entire MBA in 1 Business Course 

This top-rated class helps you understand essential business tools, techniques, concepts, and all the tricks you need up your sleeves to attract and retain clients. 

The course begins with a dive into investment firms, and students are taught how to use them to boost their businesses and create financial models. The syllabus then moves towards the basics of micro and macroeconomics, where students learn to analyse markets from a qualitative and quantitative perspective.

You learn how to protect your business by partnering up with top firms to improve your business’s health. Moreover, you also get to understand how to file for bankruptcy and taxes. This is important to run a business smoothly.

  1. BSB30120 Certificate III in Business

This is an internationally recognized certification in business that gets you ready for the business world. It teaches you to keep yourself and those around you safe while strategically planning and learning how to prioritize tasks to ensure a successful business. 

Moreover, this certificate teaches individuals to make and use spreadsheets, design important business documents like proposals, and work together in a team setting to maximize profits. 

This certification is perfect for you if you are an inspiring project administrator, office manager, data entry operator, customer service officer, or clerical officer.

  1. Business Strategy on Coursera

Business Strategy is a five-course specialization aimed at businesspersons who want to learn the necessary skills to gain a competitive advantage in the business world. 

Business Strategy focuses on the global components of strategic management and the industry evolution. These essential business concepts can help you build a sustainable advantage. This course expands your skillset to involve innovation strategy, capabilities analysis, strategic management, strategic analysis, and many more skills to get you ahead of the crowd.

  1. Be Extraordinary by Mindvalley

Are you ready to change your life and career in only 30 days? Mindvalley offers 8-hours of training to help you successfully bridge the gap between ideas and implementation. 

Students learn how to build a clear vision, set and achieve goals and connect with their target audience. Another part of this course focuses on helping students like you maximize productivity.

This course taps into your intuition and helps you learn how to build rapport with absolutely anyone, regardless of age or career. This is an important skill needed to be successful in the business world.


Learning what you want and when you want to is made possible through online platforms that make education fun, convenient and fruitful for modern professionals. So, take advantage of our line-up of quality, reliable online learning opportunities for budding business owners in Australia and beyond and propel your enterprise to greater heights. 


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