What To Consider When Selecting An Email Template From The Hubspot Marketplace

Posted by Bill Colbert on Jul 15, 2022 12:17:27 AM

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A marketer's schedule is so jam-packed that coming up with new email designs every day isn't an achievable task. 

The only way to ensure that your email recipients get sharp-looking emails that look just as good as they read is with email design templates. Use these to create unique emails, customize them to your branding and market your content through email. 

HubSpot provides many email templates, but narrowing the list down to just a few is challenging. When choosing an email template from HubSpot Marketplace, there are a few things to remember. 

This article will discuss email marketing templates, why you should use them, and things you must consider when picking the best one for your campaign. 

What Are HubSpot Email Templates

Email templates are reusable HTML files for marketing and sales teams to create email campaigns. When you use the HubSpot email template design, you can genuinely reflect your company's or your style and interact with your prospects through email more effectively while saving time.

You can personalize, share, and improve productivity by obtaining templates from HubSpot's marketplace and using them to create your emails. You should be pleased if you've explored the possibility of using HubSpot email templates. You don't have to reinvent the wheel regarding email creation.

Following are a few of the best email templates from the HubSpot Marketplace:

  • Clear-Email Template
  • Pawpaw event Email Template
  • Regal ET Thank You Email Template
  • Crow Responsive Email Template 

Why Use HubSpot Email Templates

If you're still not sure whether to utilize HubSpot email templates or not, consider the advantages listed below. They should clear things up for you.

  • It's a huge time saver
  • Ensures consistent branding
  • Personalize recipient experience
  • Promoting your product or service
  • Ease of use and accessibility
  • Ability to optimize your email campaigns

Things To Consider When Selecting An Email Template From The HubSpot Marketplace

Without further ado, here are some things to keep in mind before making a HubSpot Marketplace purchase for an email template.

Type Of Content

Finding an email template that suits the type of content you're trying to convey can be a good place to start. It's possible that this is merely a matter of taste or could be related to the business.

Organize your newsletter content before searching for a template to speed things up. Do you have any pictures? How much text do you plan to include? Do you think there are any calls to action in this newsletter?

Try to choose a template with elements similar to what you've put together. You should avoid downloading a template that calls for several images if, for instance, your photos are not sharp. Seek out a design that's a touch simpler.

Responsive Templates

Always work with responsive templates. Some people will read your email on their smartphones, others on their laptops, and others on their tablets. Not all readers get content through the same device, highlighting the need for responsive design. The browser can resize itself to accommodate your email with a responsive design.

Adjust the Look of Your Brand

Your company's email newsletters should adhere to the aesthetic of your brand. When an email arrives, its design should be consistent with the other messages from your firm, including the layout of the website and the different social media platforms. Additionally, the voice must be the same.

Choose a template that shares the same look and feel as the other components of the brand to achieve visual coherence.

Include Interactive Elements

Emails don't have to be lengthy to be effective. Choose a template that allows you to incorporate an interactive element that motivates the user to continue reading the content.

Use anything from a video link to a GIF here. Keep subscribers interested in your emails by including a variety of interactive components.

Can Be Modified Easily

Select a template for your email that you may make changes to. In most cases, you will not be able to choose a template, change the text, and schedule the email.

Regardless of whatever template you choose, you will have to customize it. Be sure to match your company's brand's colors, typefaces, and graphics.

To further customize your template, you'll need the ability to add or delete individual elements as required. Design aspects in the template should be easily customizable to meet your newsletter's requirements.

A Fast Loading Speed

It makes no difference if you have a beautifully designed template if your email will not load quickly enough for recipients to see it. A fast load time is crucial.

The key to fast load times is to use a template with few images, embedded links, and smaller assets (or no attachments). Even after you have arranged your content in the email template, you should still test it before sending it to check the load timings.

Templates Should Be Reusable

A template for an email newsletter should be versatile enough to be used for more than one email. A template should be a starting point for a series of email marketing campaigns.

Choose a look that can be adapted to a variety of situations.

In the long run, email themes with many whitespaces are more flexible than templates with many high-design elements because they won't look overly familiar. It's easier and faster for many folks to create templates that aren't very complicated.

See Sample And Read Reviews

Thoroughly go through the template sample to ensure it matches your style. Then you can think that obtaining customer feedback will also provide insight into the product's overall quality and functioning, both of which have previously been made available.

Once you are happy with the excellent feedback for each template, you should only spend by selecting the one you like the best. 


Now that you know what to look for in a HubSpot email template, you can make an informed decision. All the above elements will help you determine which design suits your business and how it may help you achieve your goals. Certainly, Treetop Growth Strategy, profound HubSpot agency partner in Chicago can help you with best HubSpot email templates.

An effective email template can get your inbox marketing campaign up and running without effort. With so many possibilities accessible, you may use an email template to launch a campaign more quickly than you might expect, whether it's by design style or industry. 


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