Lead Mining for B2B Leads - How to Find Contacts

Posted by Bill Colbert on Apr 9, 2022 5:19:30 AM

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B2B lead mining doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It is all about building a comprehensive list of valuable B2B contacts that will likely purchase your services and products. If you don’t build or create a B2B contact list, you will have no clue about your prospective clients. Also, you will have no idea who you should target, who you should contact, and who your potential prospects are.

Keep in mind that whether you’re launching a new service, arranging a webinar, or offering a great deal, you must have B2B contacts in order to be able to reach out to new prospects.

Lead mining is the most effective way to build an quality B2B contact list. It is typically a strategy you can use to focus on your target audience and determine their needs and interests. Once you know what your target audience wants, it is easier to shape services and products according to customers’ demands.

Let’s dive into the details to see how lead mining works for B2B leads and the best ways to find new contacts.

How Lead Mining can Boost Sales

As mentioned above, lead mining is a proven strategy that enables you to focus on your target audience to find their needs. Most marketers obtain leads by running an online search for people who might be interested in their services and products.

When individuals (target audience) visit the website of a marketer (after seeing an ad), they only convert into potential customers if they find content relevant to their needs and interests. Lead mining helps you target groups of to-be-customers who have the same, or similar interests, and is a great way to increase sales and establish a positive relationship with customers over time.

Lead Mining for B2B - How to Find Contacts

Who to Search for?

A quality search, is one of the most basic components that helps you find quality B2B leads or contact lists. The first step to getting quality leads is to identify the ideal prospects you would be selling your services to. Without determining this, you might end up chasing people who are not your ideal customers.

When you don’t identify the ideal customers for your business and work without building a B2B contact list or database, it may turn out to be a costly mistake which you’ll discover after spending large amounts of time and money on ineffective marketing campaigns directed at the wrong audience! It’s better to get it right before you start.

For instance, if you want to target food and beverage companies, look for prominent players in the industry that including Nestle, PepsiCo, and Tyson Foods. Though grabbing their attention might be a challenging task for you, you can build an account-based, orchestrated sales and development campaign to initiate a conversation.

What Information is Available? 

It is essential to figure out what information is available on the internet. Some of the best places to look for B2B leads are on company websites, search engines, professional networking forums, and business directories. 

These platforms are the leading places where you can find B2B contacts that often match the profile of your ideal customers. You might have to visit many websites and sources to find enough relevant contacts. You can also find B2B contacts on various forums, blogs, user groups, and press releases.

Once you have researched your ideal potential B2B customers, it is time to create your list of contacts. You’ll need to do this manually from the different sources that you have found and copy them onto the CRM system or Excel sheet. All you need is to copy-paste the title, name, phone, email address, and website URL.

However, it is important to be careful when building a B2B contact list as a manually-built list is prone to many typos and errors. Even a small error can make you lose a major lead.

How Can I Know that Emails Won't Bounce when Lead Mining for B2B?

Email marketing is one of the tools many marketers use to connect with their customers in a personalized way. It connects businesses with their potential prospects in a targeted way while delivering ROI and profits back to them.

Only a few marketing categories have longevity and strength in the way that email marketing has. However, when your emails fail to reach the customers’ inbox, the failed delivery is called an email bounce. There are several ways you can prevent emails from bouncing when you’re lead mining for B2B leads:

  • Use double opt-ins
  • Cross check for errors and typos
  • Authenticate the email account
  • Monitor sender’s reputation score
  • Send emails to the leads consistently.


How Should I be Reaching Out to Leads?

You might be wondering what are some of the best ways to reach out to your ideal prospects when lead mining.

Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Talking to people directly is perhaps the best way to reach out to high quality leads. For instance, if a lead inquires about a feature of your product, make a phone call to show him/her you’re available and willing to explain the functionality of the product.
  • Send your leads cold emails. But personalize the emails with features like merge tags. Know that a personalized, targeted email is likely to get more responses from the recipients.
  • Make a quick warm call to your prospective customers who have heard about your brand in the past.
  • Set up a chat system with your customers to respond to their questions
  • Join social media groups such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach, as well as engage with the leads. Make sure you ask relevant questions to initiate conversations.


How Else Can I Use the Data?

Once you have built a contact list of your B2B leads, the data you have gathered will help you generate a better optimized landing page for your website. You can further use this data to create SEO-optimized blogs, content, and generate further leads.


Summing Up

Lead mining is an effective strategy to generate B2B leads using various different methods. This article explains why lead mining is beneficial for boosting sales and some ways in which it can be used to find quality contacts.

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