HubSpot Sales Onboarding: A Realistic Look At What You Should Be Ready To Use Once Onboarding Is Complete

Posted by Bill Colbert on Jun 2, 2022 9:44:49 AM

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Thanks to digital advancements, automation and business growth have become inextricably linked. Perhaps the best outcome of this is that marketers and salespersons can now fuse and set some tasks on autopilot.

If you've decided that inbound sales and marketing is the way forward for your business, HubSpot stands head and shoulders above its competition. The platform helps align sales and marketing teams, fosters sales enablement, and boosts ROI. 

Below we discuss what to expect post-HubSpot sales onboarding. However, before we discuss that, it's essential to learn what HubSpot sales are, what mistakes to avoid post-onboarding, and what steps to take to ensure growth in the long run. 

What Is HubSpot's Sales Onboarding Approach?

When you purchase Sales Hub Onboarding, you can expect in-depth technical and strategic guidance from the best in the market. Before we get into what you should be ready to use once the onboarding process is complete, let's walk through what happens during the process: 

  • Week 1–2: Get your resources, initial team discovery, and kickoff call
  • Week 3–4: Continue deeper discovery, conduct business mapping, and have a strategic review meeting
  • Week 5–6: Discuss best sales, CRM, and marketing alignment practices and customize deal stages to match your sales process 
  • Week 7–8: Learn how to develop a phase 1 deployment plan, conduct knowledge transfer to the core team, and report your review plan 


What Not To Do With HubSpot 

While the HubSpot sales onboarding program is nifty and beneficial, too many people often expect their inbound marketing and sales goals to be completely mapped out. 

HubSpot isn't an elixir that helps you realize hidden opportunities in your business and helpfully organize your leads. However, what's important to realize is that the platform doesn't instantly generate revenue for your business— you need to create a strategy first. 

What To Do Post Onboarding?

Now that we know that your sales goals won't materialize out of thin air, it's essential to build a foundation upon which all your sales efforts rest. This involves organizing your leads and identifying your opportunities using HubSpot's infrastructure.

Here's what you need to do:

Creating A Strategy

Your first step to getting the most out of the HubSpot Sales onboarding is developing a plan of action to automate your processes and create high-value leads. We recommend utilizing tools and resources provided during the onboarding process to understand different clients. 

Don't know how to create a winning strategy? 

You can always use the HubSpot projects tools to get a rough idea of what has worked or failed for companies in the past. If anything, this helps point you in the right direction. This offers you a place for all your tasks, files, and communication. 

Implementing Your Strategy and Creating Infrastructure

After establishing a strategy, the next plan is to follow through with implementation. When implementing your sales strategy, understand the importance of the sales process and lead nurturing. 

To implement strategy, you can always take the help of HubSpot's implementation process to connect with your leads and establish a healthy professional relationship. In fact, with HubSpot projects, you can collaborate, work and learn; you don't have to rely on someone codifying anything for you. 

Monitor Results

This one is perhaps one of the most critical steps in the post- onboarding process is monitoring the results of your sales processes. All of HubSpot's resources are geared toward helping you make better decisions based on the information gathered on your business. This allows you to track the customers' lifecycle from the time they visit and through the sales funnel. 

HubSpot also lets you receive detailed reports from your marketing and CRM channels. These reports can also be arranged and customized to your preferences. Moreover, HubSpot can help you narrow down to specific data relevant to your goals and objectives. 

Modify As Needed 

Although implementing workflow automation involves making changes to ensure that you have access to all the relevant data from your campaigns and hitting targeted KPIs. This is essential to making tweaks and modifications along the way. 

You can get in touch with HubSpot experts to help you identify and help make necessary changes to boost your digital campaigns and help get you high-quality leads. 

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HubSpot – Hit The Ground Running With Treetop Growth

HubSpot has a very low barrier to entry, making it the perfect resource for small businesses and medium-sized enterprises. 

Our HubSpot experts are here to help you take advantage of its amazing functionality, offering unprecedented insights into your data and helping you find avenues for improvement. 

Partner with Treetop to plan for onboarding success and set your brand up for long-term growth using our expert guidance. We are here to plan, implement, monitor, and modify your onboarding strategy to ensure a stellar ROI.

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