HubSpot Sales Automation: How to Leverage the Software Successfully?

Posted by Bill Colbert on May 25, 2022 8:03:38 PM

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It's said that sales teams spend nearly 65% of their time on non-sales activities that could easily be automated. That's a significant chunk of your working day spent on one task. This is why so many companies are moving towards sales automation—it improves the speed and efficiency of tasks and removes the need for human intervention to get them done. 

Today, we'll talk about HubSpot's sales automation, how it works, and the four stages of the automation process. Lastly, we'll discuss how you can leverage the sales automation processes. 

What Is Sales Automation?

HubSpot's sales automation software is designed to simplify the processes for your sales teams by automating sales tasks and workflows. 

Sales automation enhances the speed and effectiveness of your sales processes across teams, partners, distribution channels, and customers. This is designed to allow more flexibility. It also enables salespeople to focus more on maturing high-value leads. 

Thus, HubSpot's sales automation process is a time-saving asset for any business that wants to empower its people and takes sales seriously. It takes care of secretarial tasks like updating contact information, managing calendars, and processing opportunities. All this is done without having to enter data manually. 

How Does Sales Automation Work?

When done right, sales automation can help you automate and streamline: 

  • Lead management 
  • Record creation 
  • Activity logging 
  • Research
  • Communication 

The 4 Stages Of Automating The Sales Process

At the heart of every automation process lay a couple of critical stages. Once you know that you want to automate your sales process, try to begin by following a set pattern. It should be as follows: 

  • Awareness— To start, you need to create an awareness of your brand and its products and services in the market. At this stage, it’d be a good idea to make some great sale offers for a limited period. This evokes more interest and gathers a lot more engagements
  • Interest— If your leads begin taking more interest in your offerings, it's time to move on to the next stage— grabbing their interest. Once you've successfully done this, remember to hold to and maintain that interest. You can do this by publishing whitepapers, eBooks, and blogs 
  • Decision—The next stage in your efforts to automate your sales process is making a decision. You can save time and automate communications with your clients at this stage, sharing information about your products and even confidential data where the need be
  • Action— The action stage entails payment and confirmation processes. It also includes shipping your products to the client. This step in the sales funnel can take up much time and is perhaps the main thing that keeps you from contacting new hot leads

How To Leverage A Sales Automation Software Successfully

The market is rife with digital sales tools. While most of them have competitive advantages and unique selling points, HubSpot combines their power to bring you a holistic resource that makes it the best-in-class. 

Here are some of the reasons why it works:

Prospecting Data Made Easier 

Are you someone who spends hours doing the same mundane tasks of searching names on social media in the hopes of finding potential clients and growing your customer base? If yes, you'll be glad to know that automated sales software provides a centralized repository where you can find all the data you need. 

It allows you to create workflows that trigger internal notes of customer info such as company size, industry type, the last page they converted on, and pain points. With sales automation software, the days of opening a million tabs to discover what your potential clients are up to are gone. 

A Seamless Line Of Communication 

No one likes sending out emails. This is especially true with introductory emails, follow-up emails, and confirmation emails. All of these tend to follow the same structure. This is precisely how it should be. While there should always be a personal touch to all your emails, studies show that only 30-50% of your emails should be personalized. 

The best way to do this is by creating an email template that you can customize later based on the recipient and the context of the email. If you're a little confused about using HubSpot email templates, you may want to hire someone who can do this for you. 

With the help of this software, you can also set up email workflows that are triggered based on specific criteria. This helps eliminate the hassle of manually sending emails. A software that allows you to do this is HubSpot. We strongly recommend looking into Treetops Growth Strategy's HubSpot Onboarding plan for more details. 

Reduce Manual Efforts With Pipeline Management Automation

Sales pipeline management is defined as the process of managing sales opportunities. You can do this by categorizing them based on different stages of a potential client's journey until they are mature. 

This is where lead scoring and management tools come into play. These are designed to help you develop which prospects are shifted from the targeted marketing to a more proactive approach. Having a tool like this on your side means that your team can expend their time and energy on what's hot and help them achieve their quota more efficiently.


Automating your sales processes has been an excellent move for your business and its sales team. Not only can it improve the health of your business but also slash the amount of work that's required. While instilling an automation tool can take some time to set up, there are many benefits you can leverage by doing so. These include reducing manual efforts, monitoring and analyzing your sales, and communicating seamlessly.

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