HubSpot Landing Pages – Dramatically Improve Your B2B Lead Generation

Posted by Bill Colbert on Jun 13, 2022 8:42:23 AM

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Landing pages have the power to dramatically boost your marketing return on investment by converting leads into consumers. More than half of the population (63%) use the internet daily, visiting millions of online landing pages.

For those who don’t know the difference between a plain old web page and a landing page, the latter is usually a stand-alone webpage where visitors are redirected when they click on an ad. It contains call-to-action buttons and offers value to the visitors in an attempt to entice them to take your desired action. 

Do you know that almost 1 in every 10 visitors who make it to your landing page have the potential to become a qualified prospect or even a customer? 

Novice marketers and business owners might consider this number insignificant. But the reality is, when you do the math, 1000 people could easily convert, even if you have a measly traffic of 10,000 visitors. And this is just the beginning. 

Regardless of how your visitors get to the landing page, its main objective is to encourage them to convert. For this reason, the landing page has become a powerful component of digital marketing strategies where the business has realized its potential and working towards optimizing it to get the most out of it. 

How Does HubSpot’s Landing Page Interface Help?

As we all know, designing and developing landing pages requires specialized knowledge and understanding computer languages. Businesses interested in converting visitors into leads hire professional web developers. 

But thanks to HubSpot, business owners without knowledge of web development can now easily create and test lead-generating and browser-compatible landing pages. It lets users launch professional-looking landing pages in seconds using drag and drop features without compromising personalization and quality. 

While the internet is overflowing with a variety of landing pages – its ultimate goal is to get more leads. However, a well-crafted and targeted landing page with compelling content, eye-catching media, and an easy layout can convince visitors to share their information. 

How Does A Landing Page Work?

From a customer’s perspective, when you search products or services with keywords that are highlighted by brands, then Google and other search engine algorithm show your web pages or blogs on the result pages. Not only this, businesses and marketers spend money on digital advertisements and place your ad on the SERPs. When you click these ads, you are redirected to landing pages with CTAs (Call-To-Action). 

Landing pages must add value and be worthy of time spent by consumers, convincing them to take the right action. At times, they contain forms asking visitors to submit their information, turning them into a viable lead that can effortlessly be followed up later. 

And the exciting part, this isn’t the only pathway through which a visitor can be converted into a lead using a landing page. The redirect links to your landing page can be incorporated into a number of different marketing channels such as PPC, social media, direct traffic, and referral traffic. Besides this, customers can find your landing pages through call-to-actions posted on your business website or as a result of sharing the link directly through other marketing channels.

With HubSpot’s smart forms, marketers can design two simple landing pages for their business. When a new visitor arrives on these landing pages, the HubSpot algorithm offers access to detailed content-rich resource libraries. This helps identify visitor persona while providing means to deliver better customer service. As a result, it builds stronger customer relationships and creates customized future communication strategies. 

Enhanced Lead Generating Capabilities

Optimized landing pages have the power to take prospects through a pathway to your business web page and convert them into leads or buyers. But, it’s vital to invest time, effort, and energy into building a well-designed and content-optimized landing page. 

Collecting customer and prospect information can be a very complicated affair without a landing page. This can make it challenging to understand your potential target audience and harder to contact them in the long run, ultimately impacting sales revenue. Besides this, it’s proven that increasing your number of landing pages to 15 grows leads by 55%. 

Here’s how HubSpot helps:

Quick Creation And Publish Of Landing Pages

With HubSpot, users can choose from a wide variety of built-in libraries of mobile-optimized templates proven to convert visitors into customers. Also, marketers can preview the final layout of the landing page on different devices before publishing. 

Personalized Content

HubSpot landing pages dynamically exhibit content according to visitors’ preferences, lifecycle stage, device, source, and location. This unique feature allows marketers to gather more information about potential customers using dynamic forms that never ask the same question twice. 

Undeniably, HubSpot delivers the best possible experience for the customer, tailoring it according to their preferences.

Analyzing And Optimizing Landing Page Performance

HubSpot can help you identify the best converting landing pages in a centralized dashboard,  deliver customized SEO suggestions, and optimize pages for search engines and people.

It offers valuable in-depth details about visitors, such as contact details. Moreover, it allows to test 5 different variations of the landing page, and HubSpot automatically selects the top-performing landing page. 

Ready To Take Advantage of HubSpot’s Landing Page And Its Lead-Generating Capabilities?

HubSpot is a smart platform that offers powerful software to create professional-looking and lead-generating landing pages allowing your business to grow. Businesses can streamline their marketing by bringing teams, tools, and data together in a single place.

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