How To Use HubSpot Sequences: An Easy-To-Use Guide

Posted by Jennifer Diamond on Jun 2, 2022 9:41:04 AM

Do you want to convert your prospects into customers? Looking for ways to build an efficient and automated sales process? Need help scheduling your marketing efforts and sequences with bulk action? 

Every business has its fair share of struggles with the lead conversion gap. Optimizing lead conversion opportunities takes time, and considerable effort, while you put in more than a few attempts to convert qualified leads into consumers. 

While it’s not hard to manage a handful of leads, what happens if you deal with a data set of hundreds or thousands of leads waiting to be closed? That’s exactly where HubSpot’s sequences come into play.

Various tools and tactics in the marketing landscape claim to help your sales teams nurture leads. HubSpot is considered the best in this category. 

This blog aims to answer your questions about HubSpot’s sequence feature. Keep reading this easy guide to learn more about Sequences and how your sales team can use this feature to stay on top of leads.  

HubSpot’s Sequence – A Brief Overview

Sequences in HubSpot Sales Hub aim to utilize workflows to automate lead rotation and task creation. This also allows the sales team to streamline follow-ups and prevents leads from slipping through the cracks. 

It can enroll up to 50 prospects at once with full personalization, increase your response rate and free up precious time. These capabilities allow you to queue up automated sales emails and follow-up tasks for each lead. All you need to do is select one from the available list of email templates and task options. 

Use the sequences tool to nurture contracts through targeted and timed email templates along with workflow automation. Therefore it ensures consistency of the campaign messaging with quality timing. Undeniably, employing sequences tool has been a game-changer in today’s competitive world where it has helped the business expand their efficiency and scale their sales efforts. 

To create and execute sequences, the HubSpot user account must meet the following requirements:

  • An assigned Sales Hub Professional, Enterprise, or Service Hub Professional account  
  • A connected personal email address
  • Sequence permissions

Ways Sequences Can Be Useful

Undeniably, companies are undergoing a significant shift where a new group of tech-centric sales representatives is leveraging technology to move forward efficiently with higher levels of personalization. 

Sequences offer a glimpse into ways of establishing a competitive advantage. Depending on your sales funnel, there are a number of different ways where sequences might be helpful. Here are a few of them:

Taking The Guesswork Out Of Follow-Ups

There is no need to guess with sequences as it lays every step where communication and message touch points are clearly pre-written. All of these templates can be easily created in advance, enabling your sales team to plan every email, phone call, and other follow-up features. 

Automating Your Sales Outreach

Consistency and follow-ups are critical to sales, hence, it’s essential to keep reminding your prospects. Things can fall off track soon when the sales team has a sheer volume of prospects. Sequences ensure that every step of your sales process is fully automated, so nothing falls through the cracks. 

Incorporating Emails And Tasks

It’s great to be able to incorporate emails and other tasks into your sequences which makes the outreaching process seamless, hence making it easy for the sales team. 

Personalizing Follow-Ups

Sequences allow you to add personalized elements like company name, date, first name, and other details, enabling sales to establish a connection with prospects. 

Eliciting A Response

When you want to get in touch with a new prospect and reach out to them several times over the coming weeks, sequence simplifies the process making it easy to kick the funnel. It also keeps track of where other prospects are in your purchase process. 

Reporting And Statistics

Although there’s a limit to the number of sequences, the dashboard still offers in-depth data. Anyone can see the reply rate, click rates, meeting rate, and open rate for your sequences. It provides extremely valuable data and insights associated with your prospects.

Accelerate Your Outreach With Sequences

Successful sales professionals spend hours emailing, contacting people on social platforms, and calling them because they know it takes determination to convert a lead into a customer. 

The only way through which sales teams and marketers achieve the sheer volume of outreach attempts while having intensely-focused conversations is through automation tools. Developing a sales funnel email sequence can take a little upfront work, but it pays a lot in the long run with HubSpot’s Sequences. 

HubSpot’s sequences allow the sales team to automate their outreach and follow-up. Implementing it makes the entire sales process more efficient and organized, enabling complete control in the hands of sales managers without compromising on personalization. Undeniably, sequences have the competency to take the sales and outreach process to the next level. 

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