How To Use HubSpot Email Templates: Engage Your Audience And Nurture Your Leads

Posted by Bill Colbert on Jun 13, 2022 8:41:07 AM

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Research proves that, on average 50% of the leads aren’t willing to convert into customers. But HubSpot can help you change all that. HubSpot’s email templates allow marketers to cultivate relationships with leads and move them forward into the sales funnel until they are ready to become customers

When done well, email marketing is one digital promotional tactic that is remarkably effective, resulting in $44 in return for every $1 investment – and that’s simply mind-blowing. Businesses that excel at lead nurturing through emails can generate 50% more sales-ready leads with 33% lower expense. It can not only nurture leads but also help you qualify them in the first place. 

The personalization and automation allow marketers to build brand loyalty while enhancing awareness – ultimately bringing in more revenues from subscribers who are already interested in your brand. In fact, lead nurturing and email marketing goes hand in hand. 

Wondering why?

Well, lead nurturing emails radically boost the possibility that your leads are ready to become buyers. Marketers no longer have to hope that they buy their products. Instead, they slowly push them down the sales funnel until they make a purchase. 

Let’s dive into the best practices of incorporating the HubSpot email template into creating high-performing lead nurturing emails that drive leads to ultimately make a purchase decision.

Lead Nurturing Emails – Basic Overview

A good lead nurturing email must be enticing and engaging to keep leads hooked with your brand. In fact, nurturing your leads means educating your potential customers about your brand’s products and services. 

Now moving on to the other part – how does lead nurturing email convert leads into sales? The prospects indulge in a variety of interactions with your business, like adding something to carts, taking advantage of an ongoing promotion, subscribing to a mailing list, and meeting one of your sales representatives. 

All in all, lead nurturing is the process of staying in touch with customers while offering value and reminders to make a sale. It’s quite helpful and beneficial to build a relationship with the potential lead and encourage them to make a purchase. 

Leveraging HubSpot’s Email Template To Nurture Leads

Not all lead nurturing emails are the same – some are promotional, informative, and others focus on boosting engagement. In the age of social media, lead nurturing emails might seem like the less fun or ineffective option. But let me clarify that before, lead nurturing through email is the most effective means to expand your customer base and connect with your prospects on a personal level. 

When email lead nurturing is done right, it has the power to transform your sales revenue. After all, 99% of email users check their inboxes daily, and in most cases, it’s the first thing we all do after waking up. 

Undoubtedly, crafting an enticing and personalized email capable of nurturing leads is no easy task, and this is exactly where HubSpot’s email templates come in handy. It offers a wide variety of email templates – from follow-ups to marketing and sales – HubSpot has something for every business. 

Personalized And Tailored Content

Sending those cookie-cutter emails clearly signifies a business that doesn’t care, and your brand is out of touch with its customers. It conveys to your reader that you are like fungible goods – this is what we all don’t want. With the right tools and email templates, it’s possible to craft emails that set the stage for success. 

Undeniably, it’s proven that personalized email achieves 28.5% ROI, 50% more than those who send the same old routine emails to their readers. Moreover, the sales-generating email templates of HubSpot are great when sending one-to-one personalized emails. But what’s more, they are excellent even for bulk emails, as email templates help marketers save time and money without compromising on personal touch. 

Compelling CTAs

The secret here is compelling content that forces the reader to open your email and read it while clicking on CTAs to take action. At times, marketers tend to include more than one CTAs in an attempt to increase their chances. But it’s proven that a single call-to-action has the power to increase clicks by 371%, whereas sales increase by 1617%. 

Building Long Term Relationships

Bear in mind that longer sales cycles are a thing and your customers aren’t always ready to make a purchase – but you should be present at every stage to hold their hands. 

Email marketing is crucial to sharing your expertise, brand’s personality, and product information. What better way to make most of it than by incorporating a tailored email template from HubSpot. 

Optimize Your Lead Nurturing Email Efforts With Treetop Growth Strategy

HubSpot email templates play a significant role in achieving efficiency within the lead nurturing process. It helps streamline and optimize email strategy while delivering personalized content to potential leads to convert them into customers.  

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