Everything You Need to Know About Lahinch Golf Club (and nothing you don't!)

Posted by Jennifer Diamond on Jul 20, 2023 2:38:50 PM

Where is Lahinch Golf Club?

Lahinch Golf Club is on the Atlantic Coast of County Clare, Ireland. The club is between Liscannor and Lahinch, some 10 miles (16 km) southwest of Ennis. The historic course has been described as 'the St Andrews of Ireland' and features two loops of nine holes – renowned for their difficulty and unique natural beauty. It overlooks the wild Atlantic Ocean on one side, and a spectacular panorama on the other, including Doughmore Beach, Cliffs Sea Stack Carrigkeegan Rocks, and the old castle ruins at Moy Castle. Visitors are welcome to play here yearly from April to October during peak season.


When was Lahinch Golf Club Built?

Lahinch Golf Club was built in 1892 by Old Tom Morris, who designed the original course layout. The current layout of the course was completed in 1927 by renowned Irish architect Dr. Alister MacKenzie. The club is considered one of the best links courses in Ireland and has hosted several prestigious events, including the British Open Amateur Championship and numerous amateur championships. It is widely recognized as one of Europe's premier golf destinations.



Who is the course architect who designed Lahinch Golf Club?

The course architect who designed Lahinch Golf Club is renowned Irish architect Dr. Alister MacKenzie. He was commissioned to design the current layout of the course in 1927 by Old Tom Morris, who built the original course in 1892. The current layout of the golf club has been praised for its strategic bunkering and challenging fairways, with many critics hailing it as one of Europe's premier golf destinations. It has hosted several prestigious events, including the British Open Amateur Championship and numerous amateur championships.


Where does Lahinch Golf Club rank compared to Dr. Alister MacKenzie's courses?

• Lahinch Golf Club is highly acclaimed for its strategic bunkering and challenging fairways, with many critics hailing it as one of Europe's premier golf destinations.

• The course ranks among the top courses in Alister MacKenzie's portfolio.

• It has hosted several prestigious events, such as the British Open Amateur Championship and numerous amateur championships, and is considered one of the best links courses in Ireland.

• In 2016, Golf World Magazine ranked it at 21st place amongst all Alister MacKenzie-designed courses worldwide.


How long did it take to build Lahinch Golf Club?

It took 35 years to build Lahinch Golf Club. The original course was created by Old Tom Morris in 1892, but the current layout of the study was designed by renowned Irish architect Dr. Alister MacKenzie in 1927. Since then, various alterations have been made to the course layout over time, allowing it to become one of the best links courses in Ireland and a popular destination for golfers all over Europe. Despite being around for over a century, Lahinch Golf Club retains its charm and is considered one of Europe's premier golf destinations due to its strategic bunkering and challenging fairways.


How many Courses are there at Lahinch Golf Club?

Lahinch Golf Club has one 18-hole course divided into two loops of nine holes. This creates a unique experience for golfers as they can switch up their game between the two loops, enjoying more challenging and manageable sections. The club also offers a 9-hole par three course called The Dell, which presents players with exciting opportunities for shorter games and scoring practice. Therefore, Lahinch Golf Club has one main 18-hole course and one 9-hole par three course, making it two courses in total.


What is the Old Course at Lahinch Like?

The Old Course at Lahinch Golf Club is a traditional Irish links-style course, with spectacular views overlooking the wild Atlantic Ocean and a beautiful panorama of Cliffs Sea Stack, Carrigkeegan Rocks, and Moy Castle ruins on the other. This historic course was designed by Old Tom Morris in 1892 and updated by renowned Irish architect Dr. Alister MacKenzie in 1927 to include several strategic bunkers and challenging fairways. With its dramatic landscape set against rolling hillsides, it has become recognized as one of Europe's premier golf destinations. The course consists of two loops of nine holes each. It provides a unique experience for players as they can switch up their game between the two loops, playing more difficult sections when necessary or taking a more manageable approach when allowed. The striking beauty, wide fairways, and strategically placed hazards make this an unforgettable round of golf, no matter what level you play! Furthermore, it has hosted some prestigious events, such as the British Open Amateur Championship, so it's worth checking out!


Lahinch Old Couse Hole 1

A long par 4 with a blind tee shot and an elevated green guarded by two deep bunkers.


Lahinch Old Couse Hole 2

A short par 3 that requires the player to hit over a valley of rough trees and bushes. The green has undulations which make it difficult to read putts.


Lahinch Old Couse Hole 3

A challenging dogleg right par 5 with an intimidating fairway bunker on the corner and thick rough on both sides of the fairway.


Lahinch Old Couse Hole 4

A downhill par 3 that demands precision from a distance and with your short iron or wedge shots onto the putting surface.


Lahinch Old Couse Hole 5

An uphill par 4 with a wide fairway but tight landing zones, iron play off the tee is essential to set up for a birdie opportunity on this hole.


Lahinch Old Couse Hole 6

A long straightaway par 4 with out-of-bounds down both sides of the hole, making accuracy paramount off the tee box if you wish to attack this pin setting located just below in elevation changes in front of you at impact time.


Lahinch Old Couse Hole 7

This hole plays relatively long despite its yardage due to two large mounded waste areas obstructing your view of the green.


Lahinch Old Couse Hole 8

A short par 4 with a generous fairway that rewards a good tee shot but makes it tough to attack the pin if you pull your second shot offline.


Lahinch Old Couse Hole 9

A long par 5 that wraps around a lake and requires three solid shots to make it home in two strokes. It is an exciting finishing hole that will test your accuracy and strategy and reward those brave enough to go for birdie.

The Old Course at Lahinch Golf Club is one of Europe's premier golf destinations, combining a stunning landscape with strategic bunkering and challenging fairways that will provide any golfer with an unforgettable round. Whether you are looking for a tough course or want to enjoy the scenery, Lahinch Golf Club is a fantastic place for a round of golf. So come and experience this great course for yourself!


What are the 18 holes at Lahinch Golf Club Castle Course?

Lahinch Golf Club Hole 1 (Old Head):

The first hole at Lahinch Golf Club, known as the Old Head, is a par 4 featuring an intimidating tee shot that must fly over a deep gully. Players can take in views of Doughmore Beach and Carrickkeggan Rocks from the tee box. There are numerous bunkers around the green to avoid; the accuracy of the fairway is essential for those looking to make par. The green slopes towards the ocean and requires precision approach shots if you want to avoid dropping photos. Overall, it's a challenging but exciting opening hole that provides spectacular visuals for golfers.


Lahinch Golf Club Hole 2 (Dell)

The 2nd hole at Lahinch Golf Club is known as the Dell. It is a par-4 dogleg left featuring an elevated tee and a blind second shot. Players must guard against their tee shot ending up too far right on this hole, as the out-of-bounds areas can come into play if they do not calibrate their shots correctly. The green is guarded by bunkers on both sides and well-positioned to challenge players looking for accuracy to make par or better.


Lahinch Golf Club Hole 3 (Dune Heath)

The 3rd hole at Lahinch Golf Club is a par-4 called Dune Heath. It has an elevated tee that requires a blind second shot, with thick roughs and three bunkers to the right of the green. This hole is considered one of the most strategic on the course due to its narrow fairway, deep bunkers, and hidden green. Players must stay below the flag to ensure success on this well-protected short par-4. The green slopes from right to left, making it difficult to judge distances accurately. A tricky approach shot can easily cause bogeys if you don't pay attention!


Lahinch Golf Club Hole 4 (Cliffs)

The 4th hole at Lahinch Golf Club, called Cliffs, is a par-4 that plays up the hill and requires a long drive to set up a mid/short iron approach shot. The large green is protected on the right by grassy mounds and sand dunes. However, players can use the slopes in their favor as it can create some exciting run-ups and roll shots if they choose to go for the green instead of lay back with an iron play. This hole features breathtaking views of Doughmore Beach below and offers something special every day of the year due to its unique terrain.


Lahinch Golf Club Hole 5 (Castle View)

The 5th hole at Lahinch Golf Club is called Castle View, a par-4. It plays downhill from the tee, where you must hit an accurate approach shot to make it close to the green. The approach shot must carry over two deep bunkers that line the left and right sides of the fairway, as well as several mounds running along the fairway. From the elevated green, you will get breathtaking views of Moy Castle ruins, which provide an incredible backdrop for golfers playing on this hole.


Lahinch Golf Club Hole 6 (Bog Lane / Holy Well)

The 6th hole at Lahinch Golf Club is Bog Lane or Holy Well. It is a par 5 with an initially narrow fairway going uphill surrounded by dunes and thick gorse on either side. The second shot requires the player to hit over a large bunker and onto the elevated green guarded by two deep bunkers left and right. Careful club selection is necessary as missing this green can be challenging to recover from due to its undulating surface. There are numerous options for playing strategically on this hole, making it one of the most exciting holes on the course.


Lahinch Golf Club Hole 7

The 7th hole at Lahinch Golf Club is a par-4 with an intriguing layout. The fairway starts on higher ground and slopes downhill before the green, which sits near a small ravine. The green features several undulations that can make putting difficult, so aim for the center of the green to stay safe. Bunkers protect both sides of this hole, making accuracy essential to achieve par or better. Additionally, trees line either side of the fairway, and rough thickens near the landing zone. Ensure your approach shot has enough distance, or it could get in trouble!


Lahinch Golf Club Hole 8

The 8th hole at Lahinch Golf Club is a par-3 that plays over the Old Head of Doonbeg. It features a deep green with several bunkers around the putting surface, offering golfers a range of options for approach shots. The green slopes from back to front, making it necessary to land your shot close enough to the pin to have an easier putt. To take on this challenging Par 3, golfers should be prepared with accuracy and strategy. The stunning views overlooking Doughmore Bay compensate for its difficulty, providing an unforgettable experience no matter the score!


Lahinch Golf Club Hole 9 (Loop)

The 9th hole at Lahinch Golf Club, also known as "Loop," is a long par-4 that requires an accurate drive. The fairway does not have any bunkers, but the green itself is positioned so that it requires an aerial approach to land safely. Two prominent hills are located on either side of the hole, making shots off the tee tricky and adding another challenge to this already difficult hole. The green has several tiers and slopes from back to front, so accuracy is also vital when putting.


Lahinch Golf Club Hole 10 (Gap) 

The 10th hole at Lahinch Golf Club is a par-4 that plays from an elevated tee towards the Atlantic Ocean. This exciting dogleg left requires precision as the fairway narrows and winds around two giant sand dunes and mounds off to the right side. The green is guarded by deep pot bunkers, so hit your approach shot onto the putting surface! This picturesque hole offers stunning views of Doughmore Beach and Cliffs Sea Stack Carrigkeegan Rocks in the background.


Lahinch Golf Club Hole 11 (Graveyard / Mass Rock) 

The 11th hole at Lahinch Golf Club is the Graveyard Hole or the Mass Rock Hole. It's a par 4 that plays downhill from an elevated tee and has spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and nearby Doughmore Beach. This tricky hole requires an accurate drive to avoid the bunkers on both sides of the fairway, followed by a long approach over a large bunker to an undulating green guarded by more bunkers. Despite its challenge, this picturesque hole remains one of the most famous holes on the course!


Lahinch Golf Club Hole 12 

The 12th hole at Lahinch Golf Club is a par-5 with an undulating fairway that runs parallel to the dunes along its left side. It features an elevated tee shot over two small bunkers, and then you must navigate your way around strategically placed pot bunkers in the second part of this hole. The green site sits atop a sandhill ridge on the right, which can be reached in three shots with a well-placed drive followed by two accurate approaches - make sure you avoid going too far left! This hole offers fantastic views of Doughmore Beach and Carrigkeegan Rocks and plenty of opportunities for birdies or even eagles if played correctly.


Lahinch Golf Club Hole 13 (Carrigkeenan Rocks)

The 13th hole at Lahinch Golf Club is named Carrigkeenan Rocks, a challenging par-5 with an undulating fairway. At the tee, you'll be faced with a generous landing area, and from there, it's up to you as you take your second shot through a narrow gap in the rocks to reach the green, framed by several large, deep bunkers. The large green slopes significantly from back to front, so it's essential that your approach shot lands on the correct level, or else you could find yourself facing some tricky putts. It's necessary to plot your way around this hole if you're hoping for any chance of par or better!


The 14th hole at Lahinch Golf Club (Bottleneck)

The hole is a par 4, measuring 455 yards from the back tees. The drive requires an accurate tee shot to stay away from out of bounds and then a long approach over two pot bunkers on either side of the fairway. There is also an elevated green guarded by four bunkers which can make it tough to reach in regulation. This hole has been described as "fearsome" due to its length and challenge, yet it provides an excellent opportunity for players looking for a better birdie.


The 15th hole at Lahinch Golf Club 

It is a challenging par-4 that requires a long tee shot to get close enough to the green for an approach shot. The fairway doglegs left and features several mounds and two bunkers, one of which guards the right side of the green. The approach can be tricky, especially if your drive leaves you with an oblique angle or if you are attempting to land on a tiny sloping green. This hole is considered one of the most difficult at Lahinch Golf Club due to its unique challenges and spectacular views along Cliffs Sea Stack Carrigkeegan Rocks.


The 16th hole at Lahinch Golf Club

The 16th is an intimidating tee shot with an approach through chasms of dunes. The fairway runs downhill, so you must choose the correct club and control your ball to avoid the strategically placed bunkers. Your second shot must be precise as it requires a long carry over a considerable ravine onto a downhill sloping green guarded by more bunkers. It's one of the most challenging holes on this legendary course and can make or break any round!


The 17th hole at Lahinch Golf Club

The 17th is a par-3 that plays through the valley between two mounds to an angled, heavily guarded green. The tee shot requires precision and accuracy as deep bunkers on either side of the fairway make it easy to misjudge or overshoot the target. Additionally, players must be wary of the prevailing wind direction when playing this hole, as it can be particularly tricky. Despite its potential difficulty, it can be conquered with a good strategy and accurate shot selection!


Hole 18 (Atlantic• Hole 18 (Atlantic) 

The 18th is A long par-4 with a downhill drive that runs along the ocean and ends with a challenging uphill approach shot to the green. The approach is heavily guarded by bunkers on either side of the fairway, so accuracy off the tee is essential. A strong drive will leave you an opportunity for a birdie on this picturesque hole. Ensure you finish your round in style by playing Lahinch's legendary 18th hole along the Clare coast!



Where should I stay when going to play at Lahinch Golf Club?


Liscannor House:

This 4-star accommodation is located close to the golf course and offers spacious rooms with modern amenities.


Lahinch Holiday Hostel:

This hostel is situated on a lovely property in Lahinch and offers clean and comfortable dormitory-style accommodations at an affordable price.


Old Ground Hotel:

Boasting some of the best ocean views, this charming 4-star hotel features fine dining options, luxurious spa facilities, and beautifully decorated rooms.


Ocean Cove Lodge & Suites:

Located near the coast with access to beautiful beaches, this family-run lodge provides a variety of suites with stunning views and private balconies overlooking the sea.


Tully Mill Cottages:

These self-catering cottages feature modern interiors nestled amidst lush gardens for an idyllic escape away from it all. 


Ballyvara House Bed & Breakfast:

Situated just minutes from Lahinch Golf Club, this cozy bed & breakfast has stylishly furnished bedrooms and a full Irish breakfast for guests each morning.


Am I required to take a caddy at Lahinch Golf Club?

You are not required to take a caddy at Lahinch Golf Club. Although caddies can be hired, deciding is entirely up to the individual golfer. There are many benefits to having a caddy while playing golf, such as offering advice on club selection and reading putts. Still, it is your preference whether or not you choose this option. Some golfers prefer not to use a caddy, while others may find that it helps them enjoy their round more by having someone with them who has knowledge of the course layout and local rules. Ultimately, it's your choice whether or not you hire a caddy for your round at Lahinch Golf Club.


How hard is getting a tee time at Lahinch Golf Club?

Getting a tee time at Lahinch Golf Club can be challenging due to its popularity as one of Europe's premier golf destinations. Advanced booking is always the best way to secure a tee time, so plan and book your round well ahead. The club also offers an online system for booking tee times that allows golfers to reserve their spot up to two weeks in advance. Although the course can be busy during peak season (April-September), midweek operations usually provide more availability for those looking to play on specific days or dates. It is also worth noting that guests staying at nearby hotels may have access to discounted rates or preferred times, depending on the accommodation facility's agreement with the club. Additionally, some clubs offer "late availability," which allows golfers with little lead-time to play without having pre-booked a round, which might be applicable at Lahinch Golf Club, too - so do check with them before committing yourself elsewhere!


Are there golf carts available at Lahinch Golf Club?

No, there are no golf carts available at Lahinch Golf Club. The club offers a walking-only policy; all players must walk the course with their own clubs. Players may use push or pull trolleys if needed, but powered carts are prohibited on the course. The walking-only policy is intended to preserve the atmosphere of a traditional links course while allowing players to enjoy playing the game with as little interference from motorized vehicles as possible. Also, guest caddies will carry your bag during your round should you choose one at Lahinch Golf Club, which can help reduce some of the strain associated with carrying your own clubs over an extended period. Despite not offering golf carts, this old traditional Irish link remains a popular destination for many golfers who come back year after year, eager to experience its challenging fairways and stunning views overlooking the Cliffs Of Moher!


Where is the best place at Lahinch Golf Club to take a group photo?

The clubhouse is the best place to take a group photo at Lahinch Golf Club. The clubhouse offers scenic views of the golf course and ample space to gather your group for a large photograph. The historic architecture of Lahinch Golf Club also makes it an excellent backdrop for photos and captures the aura of traditional Irish links golf that this venue is known for. Additionally, some of the tees on Hole 8 offer beautiful views from which you could capture stunning photographs, although space might not be as available in those areas as in the clubhouse. As with any golf club, please ensure that you are fully aware before taking any photos - especially during tournaments or other private events hosted by Lahinch Golf Club - as photography may be prohibited in some areas. Ultimately, this course has many beautiful places suitable for taking a group photo; you have to look around and find one that will work best for your needs!


How much should I tip my caddy at Lahinch Golf Club?

Tipping your caddy at Lahinch Golf Club is a matter of personal preference, and the amount you provide should reflect your satisfaction level with their service during your round. Generally speaking, the accepted tipping etiquette in golf is to tip about 15-20% of the cost of each game. However, providing higher-than-average tipping amounts may be appropriate if your caddy offers exceptional service or advice that makes them stand out from other caddies. Ultimately, it's important to remember that insight a caddy provides can often mean the difference between great shots and mediocre ones. So if they impacted your performance, don't hesitate to show them appreciation for their efforts! With all this being said, some clubs also have policies in place that require any tips given to staff members, including caddies, be put into a general fund which is then distributed amongst club staff – so make sure to ask beforehand about any such arrangements at Lahinch before deciding upon how much to tip your caddy.



Are there any tourist attractions nearby Lahinch Golf Club?

Yes, there are several tourist attractions near Lahinch Golf Club:


Cliffs of Moher

Located 6 km away, this stunning coastal scenery is one of the most iconic sights in Ireland and offers spectacular views from atop its towering cliffs.


The Burren Region

Located 16 km away, this unique landscape of limestone pavement and rugged hills provides a beautiful backdrop to explore many diverse plant species.


Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival

Located 21 km away, this world-famous event draws people from around the globe to find their perfect match while enjoying traditional music and dance performances.


The Irish Natural History Museum

Located 27 km in Galway City, this museum houses collections of Irish birds, mammals, and fossils from prehistoric times.


Aillwee Cave

Located 35 km away near Ballyvaughan village in County Clare, exploring the network of tunnels and passageways found inside will provide an unforgettable experience.


Wild Atlantic Way

Stretching along Ireland's western coast for 2 500km with plenty of stop points along the route providing stunning views all across County Clare's coastline and beyond!


What are the best courses to play before or after Lahinch Golf Club?

The best courses to play before or after Lahinch Golf Club include:

Doonbeg Golf Club

Located 45 km away in County Clare, this links course was designed by Greg Norman and is considered one of the top courses on Ireland's western coast.


Ballyliffin Golf Course

Located 115 km away in County Donegal, this two-course complex provides an actual golfing championship test with sweeping panoramic views of Pollan Bay from its back nine holes.

Rosses Point Seawood 

Located 95 km away in County Sligo, it is another championship links course with rolling fairways facing the Atlantic Ocean, providing significant challenges for all types of players.

Trump International Doonbeg 

Located just 35 km from Lahinch Golf Club, this Gary Player Design course offers an incredible golf experience lined with stunning scenery and opportunities for unique photographs with every shot you take.

Waterville Golf Links 

Situated 150km from Lahinch on a remote peninsula on the Wild Atlantic Way coastline, this renowned layout includes seven spectacular holes taking full advantage of its waterfront location.

Old Head Links


Old Head Golf Links is a world-renowned links golf course on a secluded peninsula on the Wild Atlantic Way coastline, about 200 km from Lahinch Golf Club. It is recognized as a world-class championship venue and offers an incomparable golf experience with stunning ocean views.

Whether you are a golf enthusiast or just looking for a fantastic golfing experience, there are plenty of courses nearby Lahinch Golf Club.


What is the nearest international airport to Lahinch Golf Club?

  • Shannon Airport is the nearest international airport to Lahinch Golf Club, approximately 66 km away.
  • It is the second-busiest airport in Ireland and provides access to many destinations worldwide.
  • Its main passenger terminal has a variety of shops, restaurants, and other amenities available for passengers.
  • Additionally, several car rental companies can provide transportation from the airport to Lahinch Golf Club if necessary.
  • There are also regular bus routes between Shannon Airport and Galway City which would take about 1 hour and 20 minutes one way - making it an easy journey for travelers who wish to visit Lahinch by public transport instead.


What are my travel options between golf courses before and after playing at Lahinch Golf Club?

• Car Rental – Renting a car with a GPS is the most convenient option for traveling between golf courses before and after playing at Lahinch Golf Club.

• Public Transport - A regular bus route between Shannon Airport and Galway City can take travelers to Lahinch Golf Club in about 1 hour and 20 minutes one way.

• Taxi – Taxis are available from many local airports, including Shannon Airport, providing an easy and fast way to destinations around Ireland.

• Shuttle Services – Some hotels or resorts offer shuttle services for tourists traveling to Lahinch Golf Club, allowing for comfortable transportation from their accommodation at an affordable price.

• Bike Sharing– Bike-sharing companies such as Moby can provide tourists with bikes equipped with maps preloaded so visitors can easily explore nearby cities or attractions.

• Tours/Day Trips - Travel companies also organize group tours or day trips specially tailored towards golfers looking to visit other courses in Ireland before or after playing at Lahinch Golf Club.


Does Lahinch Golf Club Sell Merchandise On-Site?

Yes, Lahinch Golf Club does sell merchandise on-site. You can find many items, such as shirts, hats, gloves, umbrellas, and other accessories. All the things are proudly emblazoned with the club's logo. There is also a Pro Shop at the clubhouse that stocks top golf equipment and clothing brands for both men and women. In addition to buying merchandise directly from the club, you can purchase items online through their website or buy gift cards for family members or friends who may want to make purchases of their own later. The club's Pro Shop staff are knowledgeable about all the on-site products, so feel free to ask any questions about sizes or styles when shopping at Lahinch Golf Club!


Is Lahinch Golf Club Open 7 Days a Week?

No, Lahinch Golf Club is not open 7 days a week. The club's operating days are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm daily, but it is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. The clubhouse also closes early on weekdays at 4:30 pm. During certain special events, the club may extend its hours into the evening or weekend, but that is based on specific circumstances and is usually announced in advance. It's always best to call or check their website for current information about opening times before visiting so you can take advantage of it!


Is Lahinch Golf Club suitable for all skill levels?

Yes, Lahinch Golf Club is suitable for all skill levels. The course has two sets of tees, and its entrance is comfortable enough to please beginners. With gentle terrain, numerous fairways are available to accommodate any level of player on one's journey along the track. Experienced golfers will also find plenty to challenge them with narrow fairways and deep bunkers scattered throughout the path. In addition to having multiple tees, the clubhouse features an indoor pro shop that provides visitors with lessons from top professionals and clinics, academies, and special tournaments aimed at improving skills in different game areas. As such, it's easy for players of all handicaps and abilities to improve their game when visiting Lahinch Golf Club!


What other activities can I do near Lahinch Golf Club?

• Explore the nearby village of Lahinch with its traditional Irish pubs and restaurants.

• Take a scenic drive along the Wild Atlantic Way, one of the world's best coastal routes.

• Hike or bike through Burren National Park, where visitors can spot wildlife in its limestone landscapes.

• Visit Captain America's Cliffs for stunning views across Clew Bay and Clare.

• Head to Killaloe, a nearby fishing village home to an ancient castle built by King Cormac Mac Liomain in 844 AD.

• Enjoy outdoor activities such as canoeing, kayaking in Lough Derg on River Shannon, or walking along Slieve Aughty mountainside trails.

• For adrenaline seekers, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and surfing are available off the coastlines of County Clare all year round, as well as many spectacular cliff jumping spots near Lahinch Golf Club for those brave enough to try them!

• Spend some time at Fanore Beach, which offers crystal clear waters perfect for swimming during summer, accompanied by breathtaking views over Galway Bay.



Where does Lahinch Golf Club rank compared to other great golf courses in Ireland? 

• Lahinch Golf Club has a long history of hosting prestigious tournaments such as The Open Championship, Irish Open, and Walker Cup.

• It is consistently ranked among Ireland's top 10 golf courses by Conde Nast Traveller, Golf Digest, and other international publications.

• Ranked #1 on TripAdvisor for golf courses in County Clare since 2018.

• Located along the spectacular Wild Atlantic Way Coastline with breathtaking views across the ocean, making for an unparalleled experience.

• Hosts some of the country's most challenging fairways and spectacular greens, attracting both amateurs and professionals from around the world.

• Home to one of Ireland's oldest golf clubs, Lahinch has been around since 1892 when it was founded by Old Tom Morris, making it a perfect destination to tee off into traditional Irish links-style golfing!

• A must-play course for any golf enthusiast visiting the Emerald Isle.


Can I book tee times at Lahinch Golf Club in advance?

Yes, you can pre-book tee times at Lahinch Golf Club in advance. It is highly recommended and often required when playing during peak times. Bookings can be made online or over the phone with the club's friendly staff. Cancellation policies may apply depending on your booking type, so read all the terms and conditions before reserving a time slot. In addition, visitors are encouraged to check their website for upcoming tournaments, as these events usually require advanced reservations well before their date of occurrence.


What is the best way to get to Lahinch Golf Club?

The best way to get to Lahinch Golf Club is by car or taxi. The club has ample free parking available for visitors, and the journey takes approximately 1 hour from Shannon Airport, 2 hours from Dublin Airport, and 3 hours from Cork Airport, depending on traffic conditions. Alternatively, regular bus services are available that can take you directly to the village of Lahinch, which is only a short distance from the clubhouse. These buses leave several times daily, so check their timetables online before planning your trip! If traveling from abroad, it is possible to fly into Shannon Airport and then take a rental car or shuttle service to Lahinch, Ireland.


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