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When was Dooks Golf Club Built?

Dooks Golf Club, located in Glenbeigh, County Kerry, Ireland, is one of the oldest golf clubs in the country. It was founded in 1889 by members of the Royal Horse Artillery stationed at Wynn's Folly in Glenbeigh. The original layout of the course consisted of nine holes and was designed by the Royal Horse Artillery.



Over the years, Dooks Golf Club has undergone several expansions and renovations. In the 1970s, it was expanded to 18 holes by a group of world-famous architects, who were also members of the club. This transformation elevated Dooks Golf Club to a full-fledged championship course while preserving its unique character and natural beauty.


Dooks Golf Club is renowned for its stunning coastal location, nestled among rolling dunes along Dingle Bay. "Dooks" comes from the Irish word "doughs," which means dunes, reflecting the course's scenic setting and challenging terrain. The system offers a true-links golf experience, with undulating fairways, deep bunkers, and the ever-present winds from the Atlantic Ocean.


Throughout its history, Dooks Golf Club has hosted various tournaments and events. While not regularly hosting professional tournaments, the club has been a favorite destination for golf enthusiasts seeking an authentic links golf experience. The course has welcomed notable players worldwide, and its challenging layout has tested their skills and provided memorable moments.


One of the significant milestones in Dooks Golf Club's history was its 125th anniversary, celebrated in 2014. This milestone highlighted the enduring legacy and traditions of the club, as well as its commitment to providing an exceptional golfing experience.


Today, Dooks Golf Club continues to attract golfers with its exceptional course and breathtaking surroundings. Golfers can enjoy panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, the rugged Kerry Mountains, and the beautiful coastline while playing on a course that has stood the test of time.


Who is the course architect who designed Dooks Golf Club?


The course architect responsible for designing Dooks Golf Club is Eddie Hackett. Eddie Hackett is a renowned Irish golf course architect known for his work on numerous golf courses in Ireland. He was involved in expanding Dooks from a nine-hole course to an 18-hole course in the 1970s. Hackett's design philosophy emphasized blending the course with the natural surroundings, preserving the existing dunes, and incorporating them into the layout. This philosophy helped create a harmonious and challenging course that showcases the beauty of the coastal landscape.


Building a golf course in Ireland, particularly in a coastal region like Dooks, presented unique challenges. The unpredictable weather, strong winds, and sandy terrain required careful planning and design to ensure the course remained playable throughout the year. Eddie Hackett's expertise in working with natural landscapes allowed him to overcome these challenges and create a course that offers an authentic and traditional link experience.


Notable features of Dooks Golf Club include its stunning coastal views, undulating fairways, and strategically placed bunkers that add to the game's challenge. The course's natural dunes provide a picturesque backdrop and create a sense of adventure for golfers. The layout offers a mix of holes, with some requiring precise shot placement and others allowing golfers to unleash their skills off the tee.


In the history of golf in the region, Dooks Golf Club holds significance as one of the oldest golf clubs in Ireland. It has played a role in developing and popularizing golf in the country. Over the years, it has attracted golfers worldwide who come to experience its unique charm and challenging layout.


As for the influence of other courses on Dooks' design, it is worth noting that Dooks Golf Club is part of a rich golfing region in Southwest Ireland. The neighboring golf courses, such as Ballybunion and Tralee, have also contributed to the area's reputation as a premier golf destination. While each course has its distinct character, they collectively showcase the beauty and quality of links golf in the region. The influence of these neighboring courses and Eddie Hackett's expertise likely played a role in shaping Dooks' design and ensuring it offers a memorable and enjoyable golfing experience.


How long did it take to build Dooks Golf Club?

Dooks Golf Club was built over several years. The original nine-hole course, designed by the Royal Horse Artillery in 1891, took a few months to make – but it wasn't until 1972 that the golf club was expanded to an 18-hole championship standard by Eddie Hackett and five other world-famous architects.


The renovations and extensions of Dooks Golf Club took approximately four years, from 1972 to 1976. A notable milestone in its history is its 125th anniversary, celebrated in 2014 - highlighting its enduring legacy and traditions and its commitment to providing an exceptional golfing experience for players worldwide.


Throughout these developments, much care was taken to preserve the unique character and natural beauty of Dooks while also elevating it into a full-fledged championship course. Thus, with all such expansions taking place over multiple decades, Dooks Golf Club has essentially been under construction since 1891!


Where should I stay when going to play at Dooks Golf Club?


When planning a trip to Dooks Golf Club, you must consider where you will stay during your visit. Thankfully, the surrounding area offers plenty of quality accommodation options for golfers looking for a comfortable and convenient place to lay their head after a long day on the course.


The luxurious Gleneagle Hotel & Apartments is situated just 8 kilometers from Dooks Golf Club and makes for an ideal base camp for those wishing to explore the beautiful Southwest Ireland region and enjoy all these magnificent golfing destination offers. With spacious rooms, multiple restaurants, and leisure facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, sauna & steam room - it will surely provide everything you'll need in terms of accommodation when exploring the bounty of nearby courses.


Fisherman's Cottage at Kenmare Bay might be worth considering for those wanting something more intimate than a hotel setting but still within easy reach of Dooks Golf Club's sea-side charms. This cozy three-bedroom cottage with views over Baginbun Beach offers privacy within the proximity of great amenities – including some stunning food choices around town! The cottage also boasts lovely gardens overlooking Kerry Mountains, making it perfect if you wish to take in Ireland.



The Best Hotels to Stay At When Visiting Ireland for Dooks Golf Club:

• Gleneagle Hotel & Apartments (8km from Dooks Golf Club) - Spacious rooms, multiple restaurants, leisure facilities (indoor swimming pool, sauna & steam room).

• Fisherman's Cottage at Kenmare Bay - Cozy three-bedroom cottage with views over Baginbun Beach and lovely gardens overlooking the Kerry Mountains.

• Seafield House B&B - Charming B&B is conveniently close to many great dining options.

• Europe Hotel and Resort Killarney - Luxury hotel offering stunning views of the Lakes of Killarney and a range of recreational activities such as an on-site spa.

• Brook Lane Hotel – Located near the bustling town of Kenmare, this contemporary hotel offers comfortable accommodations and free parking for guests.

• Park Place B&B – Family-run bed and breakfast with easy access to local attractions such as Muckross House or Ross Castle.


Am I required to take a caddy at Dooks Golf Club?

No, caddies are not required at Dooks Golf Club. However, a caddy can be requested as an optional service for those who need assistance getting around the course. Experienced caddies with excellent terrain knowledge offer this service and will advise on shot selections throughout your round. Caddie fees vary depending on individual requests but typically range from €45 to €65 per round (18 holes). It is important to note that it is highly recommended to book in advance if you decide to use a caddy to ensure availability for your chosen time slot. Some of the local hotels may also be able to provide referrals or contacts for hiring a certified golf trip advisor/caddy if needed. We hope this helps, and happy golfing!



How hard is getting a tee time at Dooks Golf Club?

While availability at Dooks Golf Club during peak times can be challenging, it is possible. The golf course offers several daily tee-off time options, ranging from early morning hours to sunset. It is recommended to book in advance, especially if you are looking for a particular starting time or day, as this helps ensure availability and save disappointment in case the chosen slot gets filled up quickly. Tee times can be booked online through their website or via email, where they will have staff help you with your booking needs. Their team also offers exclusive packages for corporate outings or tour groups, which can be further discussed and tailored to cater to individuals' preferences. Furthermore, discounts are available throughout the year, making this an even more attractive option for those considering visiting soon! With ample tee-off opportunities and regular discounts, getting a suitable tee time at Dooks Golf Club should be easy!


Overall there are numerous paths that one can take when trying to get a tee time at Dooks Golf Course - including booking online/via email/through package specials - so with some planning ahead and flexibility on timing slots, you should find something suitable regardless of whether it's during peak season.


To help you plan your golf, talk to Far and Sure Golf Tours. They are pros at planning trips to Scotland and Ireland and can make your travel planning a breeze.


Are there golf carts available at Dooks Golf Club?

Yes, there are golf carts available at Dooks Golf Club. The coaches can be booked in advance or requested on the day of your round if you want a cart to accompany your game. They come with an additional fee per cart and driver, which varies depending on the season. Before reserving a golf cart, ensure you understand all the rules and regulations specified by the course regarding usage. All golfers must adhere to strict safety protocols while operating such vehicles. In addition, Dooks Golf Club offers complimentary pushcarts for those wishing to forego a motorized car! Be sure to inquire about pricing and availability when making your reservation so that you can plan accordingly for any additional costs associated with golf car rental during your visit. This information has helped prepare you for a successful trip to Dooks Golf Course! Happy golfing!



Where is the best place at Dooks Golf Club to take a group photo?

The best place to take a group photo at Dooks Golf Club is near the 5th green tee box, which offers stunning ocean views and nearby mountains. The area has a beautiful clifftop backdrop with lush green fairways and palm trees that make for an excellent background for any photo opportunity! Additionally, there are plenty of benches in the vicinity, so you can relax while taking photos without worrying about being uncomfortable. If you head towards Teebox 5 from the clubhouse, you will find several spots along the cliff edge that provide amazing panoramic views that are perfect for capturing special memories! Be sure to bring your camera (or mobile phone) to capture these moments - as well as your golf clubs - and be sure to dress accordingly since group shots should look uniform if possible. We wish you all happy snaps on your trip! Enjoy!




How much should I tip my caddy at Dooks Golf Club?

When golfing at Dooks Golf Club, it is customary to tip your caddy if you have chosen the optional service of one. It is generally accepted that a caddie fee should be given based on performance and usually ranges between €5-€10 per player for each round of 18 holes. Some of the local hotels may also be able to provide referrals or contacts for hiring a certified golf trip advisor/caddy if needed. Ultimately, how much you decide to tip your caddy is up to personal discretion but keep in mind that tipping can reflect your appreciation and gratitude towards them, so make sure to show yours! We hope this helps, and happy golfing!


Are there any tourist attractions nearby Dooks Golf Club?

Yes, there are a variety of tourist attractions located near Dooks Golf Club:


• Ballybunion Castle – a 15th-century medieval fortress situated on the cliffs of Ballybunion. It is open to the public and allows visitors to explore its history and architecture.

• Shannon Estuary – an area home to many seabirds, mammals, and aquatic life that can be seen from many vantage points around the shoreline. Ideal for birdwatching or fishing activities during your trip!

• Kilkee Cliffs Walk – a breathtaking scenic walk along limestone cliffs with stunning views along the Wild Atlantic Way.

• Loop Head Lighthouse – one of Ireland's oldest lighthouses located at the very tip of Loop Head Peninsula in West Clare, which offers picturesque views overlooking Galway Bay.

• Castle Island Golf Course & Resort - an 18-hole Championship golf course featuring long fairways and challenging greens surrounded by rolling hills with beautiful sea views throughout your round!

• The Kingfisher Cycle Route - a leisurely cycle route for all abilities taking you through some stunning countryside landscapes in County Limerick & Kerry as well as boasting some charming old coastal Irish villages en route!


What are the best courses to play before or after Dooks Golf Club?

• Lahinch Golf Club: It is one of the oldest and most renowned courses in Ireland. This classic links course offers visitors a thrilling experience with its undulating fairways, tricky bunkers, and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.


• Doonbeg Golf Club: Located just 20 minutes from Dooks, this championship golf course has been designed by two-time British Open champion Greg Norman to ensure an unforgettable round of golf. With challenging greens and stunning coastal views, it's perfect for a challenging yet enjoyable game.


• Ballybunion Old Course: This stunning layout was established in 1893 by golfing pioneer Dr Alister MacKenzie who used the natural landscape to create a unique test for all levels of golfing. If you're looking for something reminiscent of Scotland or Ireland's various links courses, then this could be your ideal place - plus there are fantastic sea views!


• Tralee Golf Club: This parkland course situated along the scenic Atlantic Coast is known as one of Irish golf's hidden gems – delightfully navigated through sand dunes featuring some spectacular ocean vistas in its closing stretches!


• Waterville Golf Links: As Jack Nicklaus described it - this is a "golfing paradise"! With two challenging links courses, plus an executive par-3 course, Waterville Golf Links provides the ultimate experience for golfers of all abilities. Plus, you'll be surrounded by spectacular views of the nearby mountains and lakes.


Whatever your preference maybe – there are plenty of courses in the area that will provide a fantastic golfing experience before or after your round at Dooks Golf Club! Enjoy!


What is the nearest international airport to Dooks Golf Club?

• Shannon Airport (SNN): This is the closest international airport to Dooks Golf Club, located approximately 50 miles away.

• Cork International Airport (ORK): Located around 90 miles away from the golf course, this airport offers a range of flights from all over Europe and North America.

• Kerry International Airport: This airport is located around 95 miles away from Dooks Golf Club and offers direct connections to European destinations such as Brussels, France & Germany.

• Dublin International Airport: Located roughly 180 miles away, this can be a great option if you are looking for more direct flights into Ireland from other parts of the globe.

• Galway International Airport: Situated roughly 200 miles away, it's one of Ireland's newest airports with links including Southend & Stansted in England along with Paris Beauvais in France.


Whichever option works best for you – make sure to check out which airports offer direct flights to your chosen destination before booking any tickets! We hope this helps, and happy travels!



What are my travel options between golf courses before and after playing at Dooks Golf Club?

• Car Rental: Renting a car is an easy and cost-effective way to get around. There are numerous rental companies in the area, such as Hertz, Europcar, and Avis.

• Taxi Services: Taxi services are available in the nearby towns of Ballybunion and Tralee. This can be an ideal option if you plan on visiting multiple courses during your golf trip.

• Bus Services: Regular bus services run throughout the region from major cities such as Dublin or Cork - connecting you to other destinations including smaller towns like Killorglin.

• Train Services: There is a direct rail service between Dublin Heuston Station and Tralee, with several daily connections running along this route throughout the year for those wanting to take advantage of public transport when travelling further afield!

• Air Travel: Shannon Airport (SNN) is located just 50 miles away from Dooks Golf Club, offering convenient flights into Ireland from all over Europe & North America. Other airports include Cork (ORK), Kerry (KIR) & Galway International Airport (GWY).

• Limousine/Chauffeur Service : Professional chauffeur-driven limousines offer an effortless journey


Does Dooks Golf Club Sell Merchandise On-Site?


Yes, Dooks Golf Club does sell merchandise on-site.


Yes, Dooks Golf Club does sell merchandise on-site. The golf club offers a wide range of golfing apparel and accessories for men, women, and children, as well as memorabilia such as ball markers and logoed tees. You can find everything from equipment like drivers, irons, putters, and wedges to apparel such as polos, hats, and gloves, all sold at the on-site pro shop. For those looking for something special, you can even have items personalized with your name or initials to make it an extra special purchase! Whether you're looking for a gift or just stocking up on new supplies – Dooks Golf Club has everything you need!


Here are some of the items available:

• Golf Apparel: Shirts, hats, polos, and other golf clothing.

• Accessories: Balls, tees, markers and umbrellas.

• Collectibles: Commemorative items such as pins, framed prints, and golf ball displays.

• Clubs & Equipment: A selection of branded clubs suitable for beginners or advanced players alike - including putters & irons from top brands like Callaway or TaylorMade.

• Books & DVDs: Instructional books or films for those wanting to learn about the game of golf or a particular skill set related to it!


Is Dooks Golf Club Open 7 Days a Week?

No, Dooks Golf Club is not open 7 days a week. It is currently open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 9am-6pm and Sundays from 10am-5pm. There are some seasonal variations in opening/closing times, so please check the website or contact the club for further information.


The golf club offers a range of facilities such as the driving range, practice green and 18-hole course with vibrant views over Castlemaine Harbor plus there's also a pro shop selling golfing equipment & apparel plus other memorabilia items ideal for souvenirs! They also provide tuition and have multiple membership options available - making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to take up this sport or just play casually with friends & family!

Enjoy your time at Dooks Golf Club!



Is Dooks Golf Club suitable for all skill levels?

Yes, Dooks Golf Club is suitable for all skill levels. The 18-hole championship golf course features different tees so players of all abilities can enjoy a challenging game in one of Ireland's finest settings. The course also offers an expansive practice green and driving range to help you hone your skills before taking on the full course. Additionally, the club provides tuition services from experienced coaches to those wishing to learn more about this incredible sport or fine tune existing skills! With membership options as well as casual visitors welcome – there really is something here for everyone regardless of ability, so why not come along and see what it has to offer?


What other activities can I do near Dooks Golf Club?

• Water Sports: There are numerous water sports activities nearby, such as sailing, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding.

• Hiking & Biking: Explore the stunning surroundings of Castlemaine Harbor by foot or bicycle, with several pathways and trails available to explore!

• Beach Activities: With multiple beaches in the vicinity - Dooks Golf Club offers plenty of opportunity for swimming, sunbathing, or, for those feeling more adventurous, some water sports like surfing!

• Shopping & Dining Out: Take advantage of the fine selection of restaurants, pubs and cafes offering local cuisine as well as shops selling handmade crafts & souvenirs within walking distance from the golf course.

• Tourist Attractions/Sightseeing Opportunities: Visit several tourist attractions including Muckross House & Gardens, Skellig Michael Island or take a day trip to Killarney National Park!

• Cliffs Of Moher Visitor Experience : Located just over 2 hours away - explore this jaw-dropping natural formation stretching nearly 8 kilometers along the Atlantic Coast for incredible views as far out as Connemara and The Aran Islands!







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